[ C H A R A C T E R S ]

Khye Panthiris

[ K H Y E M U S   P A N T H E R A ]

Height: 6’1″   |   Age: 22   |   Species: Human

Irritable, sleep-deprived, caffeine addicted and bored.

Has a strong interest in technology. Full-time student at S.I.T, contract worker for BioTek.

Likes cats. Has nice hair.


[ N E K O D A ]

Height: 5’5″   |   Age: ?   |   Species: Ailuranthrope

Delinquent therian boy with a bag full of prescription narcotics and a head full of misplaced rebellion.

Entirely too insecure to cause any real problems for society.

Sigmund Wagner

[ S I G M U N D   W A G N E R ]

Height: 6’6″   |   Age: ?   |   Species: Sanguine

Cynical, chain smoking, proprietor of and surgeon-in-chief at the Metosis private hospital.

Co-founder of the Synthetic Soul Corporation.

Recently arrested for murder.

Candace Jensen

[ C A N D A C E   J E N S E N ]

Height: 5’10”   |   Age: 29   |   Species: Human

Currently employed at Bio-Tek with aspirations for moving into the Soul Corp.’s marketing division.

May have a slight prejudice against therians.

Anya Fenka

[ A N Y A   F E N K A ]

Height: 5’6″   |   Age: 26   |   Species: Leporidanthrope

Friendly surgical resident at the Metosis working under the guidance of Dr. Wagner.

Has a keen interest in her fellow therians and their rights as citizens.

Mally Canis

[ M A L L Y   C A N I S ]

Height: 5’10”   |   Age: 20   |   Species: Cynanthrope

Charismatic therian rights activist.

Politically minded, intelligent, and determined.