[ A B O U T ]

In a city where humans live alongside the carnivorous sanguine and humanoid therians, 22 year old aspiring software engineer, Khye, leads a decidedly mundane life.

Balancing work and study between insomnia and a caffeine dependency, Khye has little tolerance for distractions. Particularly those instigated by his offensively upbeat house-mate, Mhak.

When renowned surgeon, Dr. Sigmund Wagner, therian specialist and co-founder of the Synthetic Soul Corporation, was arrested for murder, Khye didn’t pay it much attention. Even with his job contracted to several facilities run by Dr. Wagner, he’d neither met the man nor worked directly for him, and based on what he did know: wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turned out the good doctor was dabbling in a bit of black market “organ donations” on the side.

It wasn’t until Mhak introduced him to a narcotic dealing therian who seems involved in more than just peddling sedatives to delinquents that Khye started to ask questions.

[ S A N G U I N E ]

Sanguinarian, often abbreviated to sanguine, are a long lived, carnivorous primate closely related to humans.

Physically many sanguine are nearly indistinguishable from humans, save for their enlarged sharply pointed canine teeth and, in some cases, horns sprouting from their foreheads; though, partly due to interbreeding with humans, not all sanguine have these. Red irises are also common indicator of pure-blooded sanguine.

On average sanguine tend to be stronger and faster than humans. Many sanguine suffer from acute photo-sensitivity so often lead nocturnal rather than diurnal lives.

Some sanguine treat humans as a food source, in most regions this is highly illegal. Due to the biological similarities between humans and sanguine disease is rampant among groups indulging in these practices.

For the most part humans and sanguine currently live side by side in relative peace, however, things have not always been agreeable, making many humans and therians understandably nervous of sanguine.

– – – – –

[ T H E R I A N ]

Therianthropes, often abbreviated to therian, are humanoid animals. The extent of the metamorphosis depends largely on the individual in question; some may be almost indistinguishable from humans while others may retain the majority of their animalistic features.

It is unknown what triggers the therianthropy, a dog may have many litters of ordinary puppies with only one individual ever showing signs of therianthropy. Many different species have been described (cat/ailuranthrope, dog/cynanthrope, etc.) though the condition is mainly found in mammals, rarely in reptiles, and there have been no recorded cases of invertebrates showing the condition. Therians generally live longer than their animal counterparts, however their average life expectancy is only half of what a human can expect.

Many therians have difficulty speaking depending on the development of their vocal cords and facial structure, though on average their intelligence equals that of humans and sanguine. Where education is available therians integrate comfortably into society.

Unfortunately therians are commonly regarded as second class citizens by both humans and sanguine. Therian children are frequently abandoned by human families who expected a house-pet and were unable (or unwilling) to raise a child. Colonies of homeless therians are common in cities. City Councils make regular attempts to move those they can into shelters or foster homes- disappearances and kidnappings occurring during this process are commonplace and notoriously difficult to prove where there are no formal records of an individual ever having existed.

There is a rampant black market trade for therian pelts and body parts.

– – – – –

[ S A P P H I R A M ]

The city where our story takes place. A bustling technological metropolis.

– – – – –

[ S Y N T H E T I C   S O U L   C O R P . ]

Founded by Prof. Alfred Phisch and Dr. Sigmund Wagner, the Soul Corp. was originally dedicated to pharmaceuticals but have recently been branching into bio-augmentation.

Despite the skin-trading implications surrounding Dr. Wagner’s arrest, the Soul Corp. remain optimistic about expansion and are quickly ascending to the forefront of the global medical industries.

– – – – –

[ M E T O S I S ]

Health care provider founded by the Soul Corp. and headed by Sigmund Wagner, which specialises in the research and treatment of therianthropes.

Metosis have several private hospitals located throughout Sapphiram city; including a handful of facilities offering free health care and education for all therians. They also run a number of programs for schools and routinely offer vaccinations in local communities.

– – – – –

[ B I O – T E K ]

One of a number of small contracting firms currently under the employment of the Soul Corp., Bio-Tek are in the business of medical records keeping software.

Due in part to expansion of the Soul Corp., and in part to the shaky situation Sapphiram’s medical industry has found itself in following the arrest of Sigmund Wagner and the Skin Trading implications on anything associated with him; Bio-Tek’s future is looking uncertain.

– – – – –

[ S . I . T . ]

Sapphire Institute of Technology is a public university with several campuses located throughout Sapphiram city.

– – – – –

[ C I T Y   C O U N C I L ]

Councils are responsible for maintenance and law enforcement. They work closely with one another and the government in order to keep society running smoothly.

C.C.L.E. stands for “City Council Law Enforcement.”

– – – – –

[ C I T I Z E N   C E R T I F I C A T E ]

Birth certificate equivalent issued to therianthropes. Extensive medical and psychological evaluations are required in order to receive one. A system which is outdated and poorly managed.

– – – – –

[ S K I N   T R A D E ]

Skin trading or body trafficking are the terms used to refer to the illegal sale of therian pelts and body parts.

While human and sanguine parts will find their way onto the black market occasionally, therian body trafficking is much more rampant due to the high percentage of therians who are not registered citizens, and the difficulty posed when attempting to differentiate therian parts from those belonging to their animal cousins (which, in many cases, are perfectly legal to trade).


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